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alva is the new, digital learning platform for Fette Compacting products. New and existing employees train in a standardized onboarding and training process. Anytime and anywhere – simply online! This saves time and resources, and ensures maximum motivation.

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Interactive and intuitive

Meaningful graphics, memorable video tutorials, and interactive 3D animations guide your employees through the various learning content – compact and easy to understand.

Developed by experienced trainers

Our know-how from over 50 years of experience forms the basis for practice-oriented training. alva contains exclusive expert knowledge, prepared in a user-friendly way.

Target-oriented and individual

Even complex issues are conveyed clearly. The focus is always on the immediate training goal. Individual learning paths enable structured onboarding.

Live and in color

In the future, it will also be possible to combine alva with live training and in-person events. For a holistic training experience that has a lasting effect with benefits.

Those who know more can do more.

Personal training areas are available for users. They can find the various training modules and lessons from alva there. And they learn everything about the mode of operation and the handling of different components of a tablet press. Each lesson finishes with a test where users can check their training progress. A training session can be interrupted and repeated at any time. In addition, users can create personal notes and write to our trainers if necessary. For optimal assistance and training support.

Anytime, anywhere, web-based.

alva is available on any mobile end device (tablet or larger) via browser and is also compatible for HoloLens use. All that is required is Internet access and a personal login. This way, alva permits standardized onboarding of your new employees. An interface to your company’s learning management system can be created for a daily overview of learning progress.

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Useful information.

How to login?

After a brief demonstration with a Fette Compacting expert, you will receive all the information you need.

alva is accessible via any available browser. Just enter the URL https://accounts.osdi-solutions.com/login?lang=en and use our app with your registered email address and password. Enter all required data and press sign in.

In which languages is alva available?

Currently, alva is available in german, english, spanish and chinese. New languages are added regularly.

Is alva available on-premises?

No. alva is cloud-based (access via your browser) what means, lower operational cost and seamless upgrades compared to on-premise software. It frees your IT department from maintaining the system, while providing equal if not higher security than a solution maintained in-house.

Is the number of users limited?

No, the number of users is unlimited.

As a user, can I add content myself?

No, but you can add additional information to the existing content, e.g. notes.

Does the alva training replace the on-site training at Fette Compacting?

No. However, it supports you to train new employees. With our digitally prepared learning content, we want to make learning more attractive. Another advantage for our customers is that all documents are digital and in one place. 

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Would you like to convince yourself of the advantages of our new, digital learning platform alva? With pleasure! Get access to a free trial version. We are also happy to help with any questions or suggestions you may have about alva. Contact us!

Tim Klingenhof
Head of Training
Fette Compacting GmbH
Grabauer Str. 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

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