Intelligent maintenance for
your production efficiency.

With PredictiveMaintenance, you can carry out maintenance work based on data forecasts and are no longer tied to fixed intervals or specified machine running times. This enables needs-based maintenance, with which you can reduce repairs and minimize downtime. This increases your ability to plan as well as plant availability, while reducing the costs associated with maintenance, spare parts and warehousing.

Fette Compacting is already working on predictive maintenance solutions. Components include additional sensor technology in the machines, AI-based analysis tools and integration into our digital eco-system. This is how PredictiveMaintenance from Fette Compacting is being created step by step – with an easy-to-use application coming soon.


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Precise control of the life cycle of the components reduces the total cost of ownership of the machine.

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More accurate forecasting allows maintenance to be managed more precisely and downtimes to be reduced.

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Reliability and certainty of forecasts allow flexible cycles and harmonization of maintenance operations throughout production.

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You can better utilize your machines and optimally plan their use.

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You only store parts in your warehouse that you will need in the near future in line with the respective data situation.

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You conserve resources and thus improve your ecological footprint.

On track for maintenance of the future.

Technological and digital progress is what makes PredictiveMaintenance possible in the first place. As a leader in innovation, we are paving the way for data-based and AI-supported maintenance. This is what you can expect from PredictiveMaintenance by Fette Compacting:

Many years of experience

Our application and performance consultants have many years of experience – as do our service technicians. Their comprehensive knowledge flows into the development of the AI-based analysis procedures.

Many years of experience

Many decades of experience in the production of solid formulations form the basis on which we optimize maintenance processes and strategies.

Intelligent system

The knowledge and benchmark database is continuously expanded in the ongoing application. This creates a system that enables ever more precise predictions.

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Large and diverse database

We use data as raw material for analysis. Our market position offers the best conditions for creating a Big Data environment. Patterns and deviations in the data can thus be reliably detected. In addition, we know every detail of our machines. This allows us to set the data points correctly and evaluate the data in the best possible way.

Large and diverse database

As the world’s leading supplier of integrated solutions for the industrial production of tablets and with our many years of experience, we create a large and diverse database that is used to develop predictive maintenance algorithms.

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Fit for the future

We make you digitally ready – in terms of how you handle data. Our machine and application know-how and your product-specific competencies lay the foundation for the AI-based maintenance concepts of the future.

Fit for the future

Digital-ready: together with you, we build the future.

Standard interface

With OPC UA, we are using an existing and widespread industry standard. We are expanding it to optimize the database for PredictiveMaintenance.

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Join us in the future!

PredictiveMaintenance is an innovative transformation project on track for the digital future. Become a part of it as early as the development phase! As a Fette Compacting partner, you become a first mover and can contribute your own requirements to the project. Realize your competitive advantages. Let’s talk about collaboration!

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Digital Entrepreneurship in the company.

An AI-based maintenance strategy requires one thing above all: data.

Benefit from systematic access to already existing data and enrich it with further parameters through additional sensors. Document the operating hours of wear and spare parts for each maintenance cycle.

In this way, you create a solid basis for algorithms and models on which PredictiveMaintenance can reveal its full potential in your company in the future.

Achieving more together.

PredictiveMaintenance works best when we work closely together right from the start. Fette Compacting helps you to lay the foundations and establish this new type of maintenance in your company.

  • We support you in convincing other stakeholders of the benefits of switching to PredictiveMaintenance.
  • Together with you, we set up the necessary interfaces.
  • We provide you with the necessary sensor technology and help you with the installation.
  • Together, we develop use cases and models for evaluating the data in order to obtain insights that are relevant for you.
  • We help you define KPIs that you can use to evalate the success of a pilot project with us and measure the added value.
Performance at a glance

Wir machen Sie – in Bezug auf Ihren Umgang mit Daten – digital ready. Unser Maschinen- und Applikations Know-how und Ihre produktspezifischen Kompetenzen legen so den Grundstein für Ihre digitale Fabrik der Zukunft.

Performance at a glance

ConditionMonitor helps you to easily control and optimize the performance of your machines.

ConditionMonitor Visual
More about ConditionMonitor

We lool forward to a conversation.

Get in touch and become a first mover on the road to the future of OSD production.

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