Innovation andnewstandardsfor
filling hardgelatincapsules

Fette Compacting has also been represented in the capsule filling machine segment since 2016. As for tablet production, the motto here is: “be efficient”. Efficiency is revealed in the form of unique production performance combined with extremely easy operation and minimized machine downtimes.

Highlights of the series

TRI.EASYDesign –
For swiftcleaningand changeover

One stand-alone feature of the FEC series is its patented tamping pin station change. Like the pellet station available as an alternative, the tamping pin stations can be dismantled and cleaned outside the machine. The result: much shorter changeover and cleaning times.

FEC20 –
innovation, cutting-edge

The new FEC20 from Fette Compacting has been on the market since 2018. It offers a revolutionary technical concept that allows fast product changeover, intuitive operation, and complete control over every process step. The FEC20 is designed for mean batch sizes of up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

The innovative drive concept using servo and torque motors, the simple operation and a patented extraction system are also highly impressive.

The FEC20 and the larger FEC40 contain a large number of identical parts which can be exchanged without problem. If one machine fails, the user can react immediately, and start production up again quickly.

FEC Series
Best in Batch-to-Batch


What makes a capsule filling machine the best of its kind? Super fast format changeover? Intuitive operation? Fully autmated machine set-up? That is exactly what Fette Compacting offers with the FEC20 and FEC40, as well as other innovations. Convince yourself of the by far fastest format changeover on the market.

FEC40 –
the choice for large quantities

In 2016, the FEC40 capsule filler came onto the market, setting entirely new standards with its massive output. Capsule filling machines had previously only been able to manufacture up to 200,000 capsules per hour. The FEC40, on the other hand, achieved a yield of 400,000.

Like the FEC20, the FEC40 offers an innovative drive concept using both servomotors and torque motors. Their ease of operation together with a patented extraction system ensure the maximum efficiency to production.

The duplex concept allows two complete capsule filling processes to be installed on an unchanged floor space. Your production costs per 1000 capsules fall by up to 30 percent.

The fillingprocess

The five steps of the capsule filling process are demonstrated in the video: feeding, separating, filling, closing and discharging the capsules.

FEQ20 –
the capsule monitoring system

The FEQ20 capsule monitoring system ensures precise mass determination with an accuracy of +/- 2 milligrams per capsule, together with yields of up to 200,000 capsules per hour. The measurement is based on microwave frequency shifting. The filled capsules are first guided by gravity or vacuum transport into a container, and then separated for measurement by a sorting system and a double vacuum conveyor belt. Each capsule is then subjected to precise measurement by means of a 3-D microwave resonator. Capsules that are not within specification are ejected. An automatic calibration loop integrated into the system, including a precision weighing cell, ensures that the measurement remains correct throughout the entire duration of a batch, even when ambient conditions (such as temperature or air humidity) change. The FEQ20 is integrated seamlessly into the control system of the FEC20 capsule filling machine, and can be operated directly through its man-machine interface.

NMC sensor –
capsules dosed precisely and efficiently

Absolute precision is critical for capsule filling with high-performance machines: each capsule must contain the identical quantity of product. This calls for a method of measurement that works at high cycle rates without loss of performance. The NMC (Net Mass Control) sensor meets this demand. It is based on a contactless, capacitive measuring technique in which an electric field captures the metered quantity during the dosing. The sensor continues to deliver 100 percent results where gravimetric scales come up against their limits. When multiple pellet stations are in use, the dosing of each pellet type can be individually monitored. The NMC sensor has been specially developed in the FEC series for yield and for the speed of up to 140 cycles per minute, and is fully integrated into the machine. The settling time needed by scales is also absent. The robust construction, through which the sensor is not susceptible to process variations, is a further advantage.

Technical data
FEC series



Capsule output (max.)

Dimensions (mm)

Capsule sizes

Weight (kg)

FEC20 9 200,000 1,648 x 1,648 x 2,068 000 to 5 approx. 3,500
FEC40 12 400,000 2,168 x 1,648 x 2,068 000 to 5 approx. 4,500
FEQ20 - 200,000 1,570 x 845 x 1,980 000 to 5 approx. 1,000

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