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    New punch format EU19 FS® for longer tool life and smoother running
    EU and TSM punch standards stand for standardized processes in tableting. A new tableting punch for the first time now combines these standards with the advantages of the FS® technology offered by Fette Compacting.
    Düsseldorf/Schwarzenbek, 4 May 2017 – Two punch standards have become established in order to guarantee consistent process parameters during tablet production: The European standard is known as EU, and the associated American standard as Tablet Specification Manual (TSM). For years, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been using the patented FS® technology from Fette Compacting, since it provides longer tool lives and pressure dwell times as well as smoother running. Until now, both of these formats were not, however, mechanically interchangeable. Now Fette Compacting has developed the new punch format EU19 FS® as the link between the two.
    Longer tool life and fully compatible
    Developers at Fette Compacting have integrated the FS® structure for the first time into the standard tool format: The EU19 FS® format for which patent applications have been made, fully replaces an EU19 punch and at the same time transfers the advantages of the FS® punches to the EU standard. The process parameters hereby remain unchanged and existing curve theorems can continue to be used. The service life of the punch also rises, the punch head is stressed more evenly and its maximum loading capacity increases.
    Polynomial function reduces stresses
    Two innovative geometrical features of the punch head form the basis here: On the one hand there is the transition between the run-in area and the plane mirror surface of a special fourth-order polynomial function. This consistent further development of the FS® technology leads to lower stresses on entering the plane mirror surface. On the other hand, Fette Compacting has introduced an additional depression in the central head area. The mirror surface forms a ring surface around the center of the punch head and the tablet experiences the same pressure dwell time as with the standardized punch. The subjacent center does not come into contact with the pressure roller during the pressing process. The transition area from the resulting ring surface to the center of the punch is continuously curved. This design has a particularly advantageous effect on the loading capacity. The contact conditions between the pressure roller and the mirror surface as well as the stability of the punch structure are both improved. The center of the punch that is constantly stressed with each pressing procedure, is now unloaded.
    Effect on the whole tableting process
    The run-in area and depression also have a positive effect on the machine and wearing parts that come into contact with the punch. An example of this is the pressure roller: The load on the center of the running surface of the pressure roller is reduced through the depression, whilst the load on the edge areas is increased. Overall, the pressure roller runs more evenly and its service life rises. Furthermore, the contact line length between the pressure roller and the plane mirror surface is reduced around the diameter of the depression. This improves the smooth running and reduces the noise levels generated.
    Business unit tableting tools
    The development of the new punch format is the result of pooled expertise in Business Unit Tableting Tools. Experts also advise customers to find the best possible option for the respective application. The Business Unit produces punches, dies and segments in a customized interaction between shape, material and coating. Besides other services, it also provides calculations of maximum pressing force, materials and FDA certificates, general pressing trials for optimum parameters and for the right selection of tools and coatings.

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