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On the pulse of development in the pharmaceutical market

More and more people have access to medical care. Special medication for rare diseases is gaining in importance. Experts are anticipating a 30% increase in international demand for pharmaceuticals between 2018 and 2022. The requirements on production flexibility and efficiency are growing fast. Fette Compacting is a leader in this area.

As a technology and world-market leader in the area of machinery for industrial tablet and capsule production, Fette Compacting offers integrated solutions for the entire production process. Tablet presses, capsule filling machines, tableting tools, format components and process equipment, in addition to extensive support, training and consulting services.

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Significantly increasing production performance is the main task of each of the more than 5,000 Fette Compacting machines installed worldwide. With them, production can be safer, be more flexible and be more profitable. Or, in short: be efficient.

Part of a strong
international group of companies

Fette Compacting is a member of the LMT Group. This international, family-owned group of companies unites specialized manufacturers in the area of precision tool and special machinery construction. 2,300 people are employed worldwide by the LMT Group. Turnover reached 415 million euros in 2018.

Efficiency across the entire life cycle

In tablet and capsule production, efficiency is a significant cost factor and therefore a decisive competitive element, which is why Fette Compacting offers a variety of closely-interwoven systems in an effort to reduce production costs.

Fette Compacting´s Efficiency Guide effectively breaks down the solution into three key areas.

  • Technology


    Stands for efficient, innovative machines and tableting tools in production technology.

  • Service


    Stands for all services associated with machines and plants.

  • Competence


    Denotes process-based services.

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Our comprehensive training programs and our extensive qualification program ensure that you never stop learning and that you continue to develop new aspects of your career. Get on board!