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    Tableting Tools

    Longer lifetime, decreased maintenance time and falling costs for replacing parts - these are indicators of the quality of tableting tools from Fette Compacting, providing for considerable leaps in productivity in the tableting process. Whether round tablets, special shapes, engraved, concave or snap-tabs, the tableting tool is adapted exactly to customer requirements.

    Checkmaster: Continuous Measurement of Tablet Quality

    The Fette Compacting Checkmaster enables the most important tablet parameters to be measured automatically: Weight, thickness, hardness and diameter. A washable version of the equipment is also available.

    Weightmaster: The Weight of the Table At a Glance

    You wish to monitor only the weight of a tablet during the ongoing production? The Fette Compacting Weightmaster is the ideal solution for this. The Weightmaster is the cost-effective alternative to the Checkmaster: The peripheral device monitors the tablet weight only during the in-process control, and enables a simple adjustment and calibration of the system. In addition, individual test results can be recorded.

    Dedust Tablets Effectively

    The upwards deduster from Pharma Technology processes tablets quickly and effectively. The entire production process benefits. With a continuously vibrating conveyor spiral, the dust is shaken off, the burrs gently removed and the tablets transported upwards. At the same time, a central suction pipe ensures constant dust removal. This gentle process guarantees that the surface of the tablets is not damaged.

    Fette P2020


    FETTE P2020 tablet press is the developed press in FETTE compacting family, with productivity and flexibility. The range of output adjustment is wide. Turret max. speed is up to 115rpm/min, max. output is up to 320,000tablet/h. it’s applied to the scale-up and large size batch of production. FETTE P2020 is characteristics of exchangeable turret, which can install 47st, 43st, 36st, 30st(EU1’), 27st(EU1’-441) and 22st turret.


    FETTE P3030 tablet presses are computer-controlled, high-performance rotary tablet press with exchangeable die plate. They also offer pre and main compression stations with a maximum load of 100KN and equipped with a 15”touch-screen operation terminal. Recipe functions to enable recipe configuration.



    The 102i press was primarily designed for laboratory use and Galenic applications. Especially important: scaling up is extremely simple and easy to do. The compression characteristics and compression rolls of 102i match those of a series production machine. The same applies to the various feed and fill devices. The granulate can be delivered and filled under production conditions. In the case of manual filling, only very small quantities of pressing material are needed.