Name Changing Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce our recent capital increase as well as the expansion of our business scope and management scale and the improvement of our production by the global headquarter of LMT Group considering the development reflecting the enhanced competence of markets and the development strategy of our Company. Meanwhile, by promoting our Company as the regional headquarter and applying for the provincial regional headquarters status in Jiangsu province, our Company name will be changed from “Fette (Nanjing) Compacting Machinery Co., Ltd.” to “Fette compacting (China) Co., Ltd.”. The above new Company name has been approved by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and has been officially registered at the Nanjing local registration authority as of 11 October 2016.

No impact would be caused upon the completion of above name change, is the management team, sales team, business and legal relationship of our Company remaining the same. The contracts signed under the former name Fette (Nanjing) Compacting Machinery Co., Ltd. remain valid and the business and service commitment will be succeeded by and under the unified management and fulfillment of the Fette compacting (China) Co., Ltd.  .

The capital increase and company name change will bring additional values to our domestic and international customers, and give our Company a more competitive advantage in the local and global markets while allowing us to offer a more valuable and greater range of products and services. We will continue to further dedicatedly provide products and services with enhanced values on the basis of the philosophy we have been always holding. We are committed to offer continuous value by leading technology and proven competence for our customers. With the long term, stable setup in China and worldwide, our continuous improvement and development approach and our service focus, you can be sure to be served at the best, as usual. We are looking forward to a successful continuous cooperation with you.

Yours sincerely,