The P1010 is the newest member of the Fette P-Series and was engineered particularly to fit the demands for small batch production. The machine is equipped with the turret arranged from 20 stations to 32 stations and with a very precise product scraper which is capable of producing up to 230,000 tablets per hour with very little product loss. Pre compression station has a maximum load of 60 KN and the main compression station has a maximum load up to 80 KN. The compression compartments use asymmetrical design and the four window flaps allow for best accessibility of the compression area. The turret, the heart of the machine, can be changed within a few minutes, which means that shortest changeover times can be guaranteed with greatest flexibility and efficiency for producing many varieties of small batches.
The P1010 is designed and constructed as per the requirement of FDA and cGMP in USA, China and Europe. There is no doubt about it: P1010 is the perfect entry machine to experience word class tablet production.