FETTE P3030 tablet presses are computer-controlled, high-performance rotary tablet press with exchangeable die plate. They also offer pre and main compression stations with a maximum load of 100KN and equipped with a 15”touch-screen operation terminal.

Recipe functions to enable recipe configuration. Pre-prepared batch data can be re-used continually. All of operation controlled by the VME-bus instead of hand adjustment. Every operation can be recorded and can not be revised and cancelled, complied with FDA 21 CFR PART11 requirement.  9 different user levels available for security. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ensures data storage safety. Operation panel with Chinese, English and Germany. P3030 is constructed by modular part, which is easy to clean and maintainability. Enclosed compression compartment reduces noise and dust, complied with cGMP requirement. Pressing force and filling depth is controlled by servo motor instead of hydraulic pressurepress force precision up to 0.1KN and filling depth precision up to 0.01mm. The high-performance VME bus computer controls the machine functions precisely and efficiently. All safety functions are separately controlled from a PILZ safety PLC. The control cabinet sealed from external air is included with the machine, preventing the entry of dust.