Fette Compacting China

Fette Compacting (China)Co., Ltd was established in 2003 and started production in 2004. The main products are Model P1010、P2020 and P3030 tablet compacting machinery and accessory. Our design, manufacturing and inspection are in the same strict quality control standard as Fette Germany. The machinery fulfills the standard of FDA, CGMP of China and EU etc.

Fette compacting machinery adopts the latest compacting technology worldwide to be completely controlled by VME-bus computer with exchangeable turret, which can accord with FDA and EU standard, the strictest ones in the world, i.e., obtain highest productivity at the most reasonable price.

The lab of our company can be used to do compacting test before the customers raise the order to avoid the risk of the machine and material not matching with each other.

We have regular spare parts stock in our factory, which can be sent out within 24 hours upon the receipt of confirmation of customer’s orders. After-sales service engineers supply timely technical service for the customers. At the same time, producing spare parts in China and providing operation training to the people concerned in the customer’s factory have helped domestic pharmaceutical enterprises reduce operation cost dramatically.

Up to now, this advanced compacting machine has been applied in many large-scale foreign pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical companies doing export in China, and have been exported by batch. No matter what kind the tablet is, Fette compacting machine can supply efficient, precise, safe, consistent and dependable production to you.