Close to the customer around the world

Current studies indicate that customers are looking more and more to machine manufacturing companies as problem solvers. This especially applies to the highest of standard with regard to service support. At Fette Compacting Nanjing, we offer you a well-trained and competent service team to ensure that all the required support are developed as quickly as possible with 24 hours stand-by.

P2020 and P3030 which built at Fette Compacting Nanjing (FCN) are not only attracting the interest of customers in China. Meanwhile we export over half of output. Our list of satisfied customers abroad is getting longer, for example India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Iran and Malaysia. It is proved that FCN is capable to fulfill the high and different standards of these supplied countries, we believe it is just the beginning for the demanded growth around the world and FCN would be delighted to count your country into our list.